Custom Dicing Service

Platypus Technologies offers a customizable dicing service for a range of substrate materials. Accommodations can be made for both silicon wafers and glass substrates. Substrates are scribed, and then broken into individual pieces. Well-defined scribing lines are made with a diamond finished scribing wheel. This process does not involve heat therefore prevents any potential damage to a substrate material. 

Creating semiconductors requires multi-step processes. Most semiconductor fabrication entails some form of miniaturization or separation. After completing essential surface fabrication steps, substrates can be separated or diced.  

Our in-house computerized dicing machine creates clean afterbreak edges with high throughput. Precise cuts are done via a calibrated scribing wheel and camera. Rectilinear shapes are achieved through programming software. Air pressure gauges provide controlled cutting along with a vacuum stage that holds substrates in place. The camera on the rotating scriber head provides quick alignment along with on-stage measurement and inspection. Through careful manipulation of these parameters, material properties, thickness, and hardness can be maintained. 

To see this process in action, check out the video below: 

Custom Dicing Service

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