Platypus Technologies offers professional services for design and fabrication of biosensors, chemical sensors, and micro-electromechanical devices.

Our facilities include a well-equipped laboratory for wet-chemistry processes, surface characterization equipment, and dedicated clean room facilities for microfabrication and particle-sensitive processes.  Our team of experts is highly multidisciplinary, drawing on expertise in surface micromachining, nanotechnology, electrochemistry, and sensors.

We support R&D, product development, and small-scale manufacturing of industrial, government and academic customers by offering our expertise, equipment, and facilities.  Platypus Technologies provides consistent, reliable, and high-quality solutions at competitive prices and fast deliveries. Contact us.

Engineering Design

Read about our design capabilities for sensors and biosensors.

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Surface Coatings

Learn about our capabilities with e-beam evaporation.

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Surface Patterning

Fabricate devices via photolithography and lift-off.

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Die cutting

Discover our capabilities for cutting and singulation.

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Fluid Dispensing

Precision dispensing of fluid droplets and films.

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Discover our extensive testing capabilities.

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Heat Treatment

Learn about high-temperature processing.

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Cleaning & etching

Read about dry, wet, and ultrasonic surface treatments.

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