Platypus Technologies offers professional services for custom design and fabrication of sensors, electrodes, and microfluidic devices. We support projects in research, product development, and manufacturing for customers in industry, government labs, and academia.  Our company aims to provide reliable and high-quality solutions that enable our customers to conduct their work with ease and confidence.

Our facilities include dedicated cleanrooms for metal deposition and photolithography services for microfabrication of particle-sensitive parts, as well as separate wet-chemistry facilities for surface functionalization, liquid dispensing and wet etching processes.

In addition, the company owns extensive surface characterization equipment for testing and quality control, including electrical, optical and surface energy testing of thin films.

Engineering Design

Read about our capabilities for  design for sensors, biosensors, microfluidic devices and more.

Metal deposition

Learn about our capabilities with e-beam evaporation of gold, silver, platinum, titanium and other metals.

Surface Patterning

Pattern metal films via photolithography, wet etching and lift-off to create electrodes, sensors, and biosensors.

Die cutting

Discover our capabilities for cutting and singulation of glass, silicon wafers, and more.

Surface Functionalization

Expertise in surface modification including hydrophobic/hydrophilic, biocompatible, and antimicrobial coatings via precision liquid dispensing.


Discover our extensive capabilities for quality control including optical and electrical testing, contact angle, microscopy, image analysis and more.

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