Gold Thin Films

Experience the unparalleled quality of our thin films, crafted using 99.999% pure gold. At Platypus Technologies, we prioritize purity and precision in our vacuum coating process, ensuring films are uniform and free from contamination for optimal performance.

Available Products:

Our gold coated products are accessible via our store and through our worldwide network of distributors. Our products coated with gold include:

In addition, we offer custom gold deposition services.

Why Choose Platypus’ Gold Films?

  • Purity: Only 99.999% pure gold is inside our vacuum deposition chamber.
  • Vacuum Compatibility: We selectively coat substrates that perform under high vacuum, ensuring no contamination from previous coats.
  • Customized Solutions: We offer custom metal coatings tailored to specific vacuum-compatible substrates.

Highlighted Features:

  • Electron-beam deposited gold thin films
  • Plasma-cleaned substrates
  • Optional titanium adhesion layer
  • Cutting-edge cleanroom production environment
  • Rigorous quality control testing for optical, mechanical and electrical properties of gold films.

Key Applications of Gold Thin Films:

Evaporated films of gold have various applications across different industries due to gold’s unique properties, such as its excellent conductivity, biocompatibility, chemical inertness, and ability to readily form self-assembled monolayers. Some of the key applications of gold thin films include:

  • Sensors & Microarrays: Chromium-free gold films are the best option for preserving surface reactivity, especially when you want to create self-assembled monolayers and for attachment of bioactive probe molecules.
  • Scanning Probe Microscopy: To minimize surface roughness, consider our ultra-flat gold (reverse mounted) glass chips, available mounted on silicon.
  • Optical Mirrors: Evaporated gold thin films are perfect for reflection/total internal reflection systems in optical devices.
  • Cell Culture: With our dedication to purity, avoid contaminants that can harm cultured cells. If you are having difficulty culturing cells on gold films made in coaters used by others, consider using the highest purity gold films from Platypus Technologies.
  • Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR): Achieve high precision with our controlled gold deposition process, ensuring optimal SPR responses.

Research Studies

Additional published studies utilizing gold thin films from Platypus Technologies, via Google Scholar.

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