Photolithography Services

Our team of PhD engineers has decades of experience in photolithography, offering services for fabrication of custom surfaces.

Our capabilities include:

  • Expertise with epoxy resists (e.g. SU-8) and metal lift-off resists
  • i-line (365-nm wavelength) exposure source light
  • Processing for circular and square wafers up to 4″
  • Feature resolution down to 1 µm
  • Plasma or wet (HF, piranha, KOH) etching
  • Ultrasonic cleaning and resist development

Previous projects include:

  • Patterned gold electrodes
  • Optical filters
  • Microwells and micropillar arrays
  • Topographically patterned substrates for cell culture

Contact us at 608-237-1270 or via email to discuss your project with one of our in-house experts on photolithography services.