Custom Metal Coatings

Platypus Technologies offers custom metal coating services using e-beam vapor deposition, a high-vacuum process with excellent control of film thickness.

E-beam deposition

Thin film coatings produced by e-beam deposition are highly reproducible and uniform, have high purity (>99.99%), and low surface roughness.

E-beam evaporation is used for creating high purity coatings for applications in semiconductors, optics, nanotechnology, chemical and biosensors, and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).

Our e-beam evaporation process allows for substrate rotation to deliver maximum uniformity of the thin film throughout the substrate.  In addition, we produce shadow masks to create custom patterns of the thin film deposited on the substrate.

Thin films from Platypus Technologies are fabricated in a dedicated cleanroom facility with environmental controls to minimize contamination from particles and other substances.


  • Metals: Au, Ag, Al, Cu, Cr, Pt, Ni, Ti, W.
  • Thickness Range: 1-nm to 500-nm
  • Substrates: Glass, silicon wafer, aluminum, plastics, flexible substrates, ceramics.

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