Patterned electrical and optical microstructures

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Custom coatings: metal, optical, and patterned thin films

Deposition of metal films of gold, platinum, silver, aluminum, copper and more.

Anti-reflective coatings, beam-splitter coatings, and highly-reflective dielectric mirrors.

Photolithography, wet etching and lift-off of metal and dielectric thin films

Singulation of glass and silicon substrates into individual pieces

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Creating innovative surface science-based solutions that drive human progress

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Have a special project in mind? We can help! Our team has extensive experience creating biosensors, chemical sensors, optical filters, and more.

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Titanium Coatings: Applications and Benefits

Titanium coatings are applied to a variety of substrates to enhance their performance attributes and extend their service life. These coatings are critical in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and medical devices due to their exceptional hardness, corrosion resistance, and biocompatibility. This post will explore the diverse applications of titanium coatings, discuss their distinct benefits, and illustrate how they contribute to the efficiency and durability of products across different sectors.

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Gold Coatings for Spectroscopy

In the world of scientific research, spectroscopy is a pivotal technique that allows scientists to analyze material properties and compositions with unparalleled precision. Among the materials utilized in this field, gold-thin films stand out for their remarkable ability to enhance spectroscopic techniques. This post delves into the unique properties of gold-thin films, their applications in various spectroscopy methods, and the benefits they bring to scientific research.

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