Cutting and Dicing Services

Platypus Technologies offers services for singulating individual chips from silicon or glass substrates.

Wafer cutting and dicing is a critical process requiring absolute precision regardless of production volume. Whether the goal is to generate small batch chips for proofs of concept or to accelerate lead times in high-volume production lines, manufacturers must maintain high levels of care at the cutting and dicing stage.  These services are ideal for singulating chips from silicon wafers and glass substrates, and are also beneficial for downstream semiconductor processing.


Dicing is a mechanical process that involves removing die from a wafer of a semiconductor. Individual chips are separated from each other by a method called scribing. During the scribing process, pressure is applied to create scribe lines on the surface of the substrate. To separate the wafer, pressure is applied to one side and the wafer is then broken on the scribe line. This process is also known as singulation.

Platypus Technologies owns and operates a high-precision mechanical glass scribing machine that is equipped with a diamond-finished scribing wheel. This instrument is used to produce well-defined scribing lines on the substrate and enables a clean break on the wafer. One benefit of this tool is that the edges will not require polishing after the wafer has been broken off.  Unlike laser cutting, this method does not produce heat-induced substrate distortions in silicon.

With our dicing services, we can cut any glass panes, mirrors or silicon wafer substrates and also offer an optional cleaning service. For a glass cutting demonstration, here’s a demonstration.

Upon request, a protective surface coating can be applied to the wafer or glass to protect sensitive components from dust or other contamination.  If necessary, this protective surface coating can be removed after cutting or dicing by using acetone or ethanol.


  • Repeatable accuracy of +/- 0.002″
  • Maximum substrate size: 24″x24″
  • Smallest die size: 5-mm x 5-mm
  • Substrate thickness: 0.2-mm to 1-mm
  • Rectilinear (x-y) shapes only.

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