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Biological Coatings

Assay kits include Oris and OrisPro cell migration and invasion assays.  Custom solutions include CRO services for compound screening and cytotoxicity assays.

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Metal CoatingsGold Puzzle

We stock gold-coated substrates for scientific applications.  Custom solutions include metal deposition, surface patterning, surface characterization.

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Responsive Coatings

Current product: Air sampling devices for exposure monitoring.  Custom solutions include R&D services in chemical sensors, nanotechnology, and materials engineering.

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Au(111) Surfaces:  Electron scattering studies demonstrate that Ultra-Flat Gold Surfaces exhibit Au(111) terraces over the entire surface of the sample.  These gold surfaces do not require annealing, and they provide a clean, atomically-flat surface of gold. Learn more.

Cell Migration Assays: Researchers demonstrate OrisPro Cell Migration Assay provides a superior platform for High-Throughput Screening, and statistically robust studies on cell migration.  Learn More.


Scientists invent new method to measure surface plasmon excitations.  The new method, called Plasmon Waveguide Resonance, utilizes custom gold thin films from Platypus Technologies.  PWR can be coupled with Raman scattering to study morphology, composition and chemical structure of nanomaterials.  LINK.

Researchers report new study of cell motility of Muller glial cells.   The researchers cultured glial cells and transfected them with RNA strands. Using Oris Cell Migration Assay, they identify transfection factors that influence cell motility in glial cells. LINK.