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Empowering Fellow Scientists to Solve Our Greatest Challenges.

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Our core skills in Surface Science enable a broad portfolio of solutions for laboratory scientists.

Engineering Design

Read about our design capabilities for sensors and biosensors

Metal Coatings

Learn about our capabilities with e-beam evaporation.

Surface Patterning

Fabricate devices via photolithography and lift-off.

Die Cutting

Discover our capabilities for cutting and singulation.

Fluid Dispensing

Precision dispensing of fluid droplets and films.


Discover our extensive testing capabilities.

Heat Treatment

Learn about high-temperature processing.

Cleaning & Etching

Read about dry, wet, and ultrasonic surface treatments.

Our Vision:

To contribute to the global welfare by application of Surface Science in the development of tools and solutions for the Scientific Community.

Custom Solutions by Platypus Technologies

Have a special project in mind? We can help! Our team has extensive experience creating complex surfaces for biosensors, chemical sensors, and cell culture.

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The Latest From Platypus Technologies

4 Different Types of Lithography

Lithography is a technique used to transfer a two-dimensional pattern onto a flat surface. Depending on the required outcome, many lithography methods can be used. This blog post will cover the four different types of lithography techniques and their applications.  The Different Types of Lithography When patterns need depositing, lithography is a process that utilizes UV light to transfer a geometric pattern onto a thin film or a substrate. This is carried out by spinning a layer of photoresist onto a piece of material and then exposing the photoresist to ultraviolet light. Before the photoresist is exposed, a mask is placed on top of the substrate to stop certain areas from being illuminated by the light. The geometric pattern is finally relieved by removing the unprocessed regions with the help of an aqueous solvent. One of the main reasons for

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Custom Dicing Service

Platypus Technologies offers a customizable dicing service for a range of substrate materials. Accommodations can be made for both silicon wafers and glass substrates. Substrates are scribed, and then broken into individual pieces. Well-defined scribing lines are made with a diamond finished scribing wheel. This process does not involve heat therefore prevents any potential damage to a substrate material. 

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