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Surface Science for a Better World Our Vision: To empower fellow Scientists in solving the Grand Technological Challenges facing Humanity.

Products and Services

Our core skills in Surface Science enable a broad portfolio of solutions for laboratory scientists.

Surfaces for Cell Culture

Surfaces include 96-well plates coated Extracellular Matrix proteins for cell culture.  Kits include Oris and OrisPro cell migration and invasion assays.

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Metal Surfaces

We stock gold-coated substrates for scientific applications.  Custom solutions include metal deposition, surface patterning, surface characterization.

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Surfaces for Analysis

Convenient, ready-to-use substrates for Advanced Microscopy (AFM, STM, SEM) and Spectroscopy (IR, Raman, SPR).  Also available: Fluid Cells for AFM in liquids.

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Liquid Crystal Surfaces

Advanced surfaces of liquid crystal (LC) enable new products for chemical detection and monitoring in the workplace.  Learn more about LC-based dosimeters, monitors and detectors for Industrial Hygiene Applications at