Our Mission:

Empowering Fellow Scientists to Solve Our Greatest Challenges.

Our Services

Our core skills in Surface Science enable a broad portfolio of solutions for laboratory scientists.

Engineering Design

Read about our design capabilities for sensors and biosensors

Metal Coatings

Learn about our capabilities with e-beam evaporation.

Surface Patterning

Fabricate devices via photolithography and lift-off.

Die Cutting

Discover our capabilities for cutting and singulation.

Fluid Dispensing

Precision dispensing of fluid droplets and films.


Discover our extensive testing capabilities.

Heat Treatment

Learn about high-temperature processing.

Cleaning & Etching

Read about dry, wet, and ultrasonic surface treatments.

Our Vision:

To contribute to the global welfare by application of Surface Science in the development of tools and solutions for the Scientific Community.

Custom Solutions by Platypus Technologies

Have a special project in mind? We can help! Our team has extensive experience creating complex surfaces for biosensors, chemical sensors, and cell culture.

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The Latest From Platypus Technologies

What is a Surface Resistivity Electrode?

Electrodes are conductors that permit a flow of electricity in and out of an object. The application range for electrodes is vast, and various different types exist for distinct purposes. The surface resistivity electrode is one of these unique formats.

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E-beam Metal Deposition

Platypus Technologies offers electron beam metal deposition services and expertise equip with handling custom projects. Our operations prioritize metal purity and smoothness. In order to create high quality metal coatings, each step involved in the process is carefully executed.  

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