The Company

Our vision is to empower fellow Scientists in solving the Grand Challenges of Humanity. Through Surface Science, we aim to enable new Discoveries for making the World healthier and safer.

The team at Platypus Technologies is highly multidisciplinary, drawing on our expertise in coatings, cell culture, nanotechnology, electrochemistry and sensors to create innovative products and services.

Join us and help us create solutions to advance the efforts of the global scientific community.

Manufacturing Operator

The manufacturing operator works with manufacturing team to fabricate various products including assays for cell migration, metal coated substrates, patterned electrodes, and custom sensors.



PhD Intern – Surface Science Researcher

Working alongside the team at Platypus Technologies, the PhD Intern will receive exposure to many aspects of product and business development.  Specifically, the PhD Intern will (1) contribute to the development of new products and services, (2) develop and implement operating procedures for manufacturing or service, (3) assess market opportunities for new product ideas, and (4) make technology and business recommendations.  Learn more.

If you don’t see an opportunity that best fits your expertise, check out what we do and email your resume for review.