Platypus Technologies Oris™ Pro Cell Migration Assays

Oris™ Pro Assays facilitate full automation for high throughput screening with optically micro clear bottoms great for high content equipment.

Platypus Technologies Oris™ Cell Seeding Stopper Demo

See how to manipulate the Oris™ stoppers that form the cell-free zone at the start of the Oris™ Cell Assay. This demonstrates the usefulness and ease of setup of the Oris™ Universal Assembly Kits.

Platypus Technologies Oris™ Cell Migration Demo

Cell migration is important in cancer, immune responses, wound healing, and development. With the Platypus Oris™ Assay system, cell migration is simple, quantitative and efficient.

The How to Guide for the Platypus H₂S Dosimeter™

See how to use the Platypus H₂S Dosimeter™ to successfully monitor and easily record and report your important compliance data.

The mission of Platypus Technologies is to become the leader in innovative products that push accuracy in chemical measurements and biotech measurements through our liquid crystal based sensor, cell based assays, and substrate products.