Microwell Arrays

The microwells arrays consist of honeycomb-patterned polymer supported on glass. The glass substrate at the bottom of the microwells can be treated with oxygen plasma for facile modification with self-assembled monolayers, proteins for cell culture, or other surface coatings.

Microwell arrays are ideal for applications in cell culture, cell separations, and low-volume liquid handling.

The microwells are 50-µm deep, with side length of 100-µm.

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WLS.0500Glass chips (1 cm x 1 cm) patterned with honeycomb wells.6 chipsORDER NOW


These hexagonal microwell arrays are ideal for supporting and stabilizing liquid films, for live cell imaging, or for particle separations.

Example Application #1: Uniform films of liquid crystals

(Left) Low-magnification and (right) high-magnification images of liquid crystal spincoated onto microwells and viewed with polarized-light microscope.

Example Application #2: Capture of liquid droplets

Capturing liquid droplets into microwells with 50-µm depth.

Example Application #3: Trapping microparticles

Trapping graphene microparticles (10-µm diameter) into microwells


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