Platinum Thin Films

Platinum-coated products:

Silicon Wafers

Microscope Slides

Ultra-Flat Platinum


Product Number Description Platinum Thickness Titanium Thickness Pack Size Price

Platinum Coated Microscope Slide 100 nm 5 nm 5 slides (1"x3"x0.7mm, each) Request Quotation

Platinum Coated Silicon Wafer 100 nm 5 nm 1 wafer (4"-round) Request Quotation

Template Stripped Platinum 100 nm None 20 chips (1 cm x 1 cm chips) on silicon wafer Request Quotation

Don’t see what you need?  Contact us for custom platinum coating projects on 1-866-296-4455 or .

Features of Platinum Thin Films

  • Platinum purity: 99.999%
  • Electron-beam deposition
  • Low deposition rate -> High quality film
  • Pre-cleaned substrates (plasma or base bath)
  • Titanium adhesion layer (optional)
  • Dedicated cleanroom fabrication environment



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