Enabling the Future of Quantum Computers

Quantum computers are machines that utilize the principles of quantum physics to perform a vast number of computations simulations.  These devices promise to bring about a revolution in computing power that enables discoveries of new materials or medicines. However, building quantum computers remains an extremely difficult engineering problem.

In a quantum computer, individual subatomic particles, such as electrons or photons, are used as the fundamental units of operation, as opposed to transistors used in classical computers. Subatomic particles exhibit unique quantum properties like superposition and entanglement, and these properties enable quantum computers to carry out multiple operations at the same time.  But for superposition and entanglement to be sustained for a long enough time, the entire quantum computer must be cooled to extremely low temperatures, close to zero kelvin.

To achieve temperatures near absolute zero, engineers use a layer of gold to coat the components of the quantum computer.  Gold films reflect heat, in the form of infrared radiation, away from the core components, keeping the computer cold during operation.

Image of a gold-coated components used in a quantum computer (credit: Google/YouTube)


Platypus Technologies offers services for metal coating critical components used in quantum computers.  We use e-beam evaporation, a vacuum process, to create uniform and high-purity films of metal such as gold, silver, platinum, copper or nickel. Our team has extensive experience coating prisms, wafers, chips, and fixtures used for quantum computing applications.  In addition, we accept customer-specific parts for metal coating.

Photolithography services complement the service offering for metal coatings.  Through photolithography and metal liftoff techniques, the team at Platypus Technologies can fabricate complex metal patterns.  Examples of previous projects include: (1) surface thin film electrodes, (2) gold-coated micropillar arrays, (3) nano-rough gold films, and (4) gold microwells.

 Platypus Technologies offers solutions made for scientists and researchers working with the latest technology. To learn more about our product and services, or discuss specific partnership opportunities, contact us today.

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