Accelerating Drug Development

Developing a new medicine requires a significant investment of time, energy, and resources. To make a newly developed drug available to patients, scientists must follow an extensive process. According to the FDA, this process begins with discovery and development of novel compounds, followed by pre-clinical and clinical research, and finally FDA review and post-market safety monitoring. The experiments and research conducted during these stages average a cost of $2.6 billion dollars, and it can take upwards of 10 years for a new medicine to go into market. Without substantial support, this massive investment may be insurmountable for many smaller research companies.

During the pre-clinical phase, biopharmaceutical companies engaged in development of new medicines use cell cultures to test the effects of their drugs. However, small research companies that focus on drug discovery may not have the resources, facilities, and expertise to carry out these in vitro tests.

Companies tackling the arduous process of drug development process can rely on Platypus Technologies to provide product and services that allow them to accelerate their research. For example, our proprietary Oris platform for cell migration and invasion assays offers high accuracy, reproducibility, and precision.  In addition, we assist biopharmaceutical research companies by offering services in compound screening using the Oris platform. These resources expedite compound screening for research in wound healing, skin regeneration, cancer therapies or phytomedicine.


Equivalent results in Oris™ Pro 96- and 384-well migration assays
Dose-response curves and IC50 values for Cytochalasin D on human cell lines.

The Oris Cell Migration Assay is a 96-well plate with physical “stopper” barriers that create cell-free detection zones. Once the stoppers are removed, cells can then migrate towards the center of the detection zone.  The OrisPro Cell Migration Assays use a biocompatible gel, instead of a stopper, to create cell-free detection zones.  Available in 96- or 384-well plates, these assay kits are compatible with automation tools such as liquid handlers, plate washers, high-content imaging, and other tools for high-throughput screening.

Platypus Technologies can assist with the challenges associated with drug discovery. If you would like to learn more information on how our products can accelerate your research, or wish to discuss specific partnership opportunities, simply contact us today.

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