Surface Characterization Services

Our dedicated team of Ph.D.-level scientist and engineers can help you with advanced Surface Characterization techniques, including: IR Spectroscopy, SEM imaging.

We have has years of experience working with self-assembled monolayers, thin films (metal, metal oxides, and macromolecules), and nanostructured surfaces. We can help you solve any problem in Surface Science email us!


Infrared Reflection/Absorption Spectroscopy (IRRAS) can be used to characterize self-assembled monolayers, ultrathin films, surface-immobilized proteins and DNA, and surface reactions. Our team of PhD-level scientists and engineers can help you confidently characterize any sample.  Learn more about PM-IRRAS.


Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) is a powerful tool for imaging structural features of materials at the nano- and micro-scale. Whether you are working with metals, polymers or biological materials, we can provide you with high-quality imaging of your sample.


Platypus Technologies can help you measure the surface energy and contact angle of any surface. We use the sessile drop technique with a contact-angle goniometer, as detailed in the guidelines by ASTM International (ASTM 5946).



Ellipsometry is used to determine thickness, refractive index and extinction coefficients, and Muller matrix data of thin films. Spectral Range: 190 nm – 2,500 nm.

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