Thin Film Testing

Platypus Technologies offers services in testing and characterization of thin films.  Our capabilities include:

  • Ellipsometry
  • Water contact angle measurements
  • Optical microscopy and image analysis
  • UV/Vis spectroscopy
  • Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
  • Cyclic voltammetry, amperometry, potentiometry
  • Electrical testing (inductance, capacitance, resistance, sheet resistance)
  • Gas chromatography

Ellipsometry is an optical technique that uses polarized light to non-destructively measure the thickness and optical constants of thin films on glass or silicon. This method is ideal for semitransparent and transparent thin films.

We also offer a range of spectroscopy services that analyze the structure and composition of different structures. Ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy is commonly used to determine the degree a chemical substance absorbs light.

Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) can be utilized to study the electrical interfacial properties of materials and thin films.

Our dedicated team of Ph.D.-level scientist and engineers has years of experience working with self-assembled monolayers, thin films, metals, metal oxides, polymers, and nanostructured surfaces.  Contact us today to integrate our engineer’s expertise into your next R&D project!

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