Advancements in Precision Fluid Dispensing System Technology

Precision fluid dispensing systems are utilized in a range of advanced manufacturing applications. At Platypus Technologies, we employ advanced fluid dispensing technology in our biosensor and bioassay fabrication processes, as well as in our conformal coating solutions.

As with many modern manufacturing sectors, fluid dispensing technology is being transformed by advancements in automation and industrial robotics. Automated fluid dispensing processes allow for more rapid production with less labor hours required. More importantly, state-of-the-art robotic systems pave the way for much higher accuracy in fluid consistency and patterning, precisely applying liquid to every product from batch to batch.

What Are Precision Fluid Dispensing Systems?

Fluid dispensing systems release carefully-controlled amounts of chemicals and liquid media, precisely applying it to products in patterns of dots or lines. Platypus Technologies uses cutting-edge automated fluid dispensing equipment in some of our advanced fabrication processes. These include the creation of uniform liquid crystal films and the application of bio-gels on cell culture plates. We have ample experience applying hydrogel and protein coatings on 96-well and 384-well microtiter plates.

Platypus’ Automated, Robotic Fluid Dispensing Technology

Our facility utilizes a benchtop fluid dispensing robot which is robotically automated to provide precision in fluid placement and dispensing. This versatile technology is able to rapidly dispense precise volumes of fluid media for a wide range of product applications via an interchangeable valve system: needle, diaphragm, spray valves, etc.

How Are Automation and Robotic Systems Improving Fluid Dispensing Services?

Our robotic system can be programmed to rapidly release fluid media in precisely-controlled amounts and patterns. This removes the potential for human error between individual products or batches while simultaneously cutting down on your overall labor costs.

Once the automated process is developed, optimized, and put into production, robotic fluid dispensing systems ensure that virtually every product is processed exactly the same. You can fabricate far more products in far less time while minimizing the number of production errors and reject parts.

Platypus Technologies Is Your Single Source for Precision Fluid Dispensing Solutions

Regardless of your product niche, commercial industry or application, Platypus Technologies can provide reliable, on-time fluid dispensing services with our precision automated systems. From biosensors and bioassays to conformal coatings and liquid crystal films, Platypus offers the manufacturing expertise to efficiently tackle your production.