Metal Coating Solutions


We offer custom solutions in metal coatings for industrial and academic researchers.

Our dedicated team of Ph.D.-level scientists and engineers has years of experience in metal deposition, photolithography, surface functionalization, and surface characterization. We can help you prototype, manufacture and characterize new metal surfaces and devices, whether it is a single prototype, or a large batch of thousands of devices.

Our facilities include a dedicated cleanroom fabrication environment and separate laboratories for chemical and biological operations.

Examples of Past Work:
  • New biosensor chips (patterned gold on high-index glass) for applications in surface plasmon resonance
  • Surface platinum electrode (patterned platinum film on direct electrical contact with p-type silicon substrate)
  • Micrometer-sized gold-coated pillars on glass
  • Gold films on flexible substrates
  • Characterization of complex surface textures via scanning electron microscopy

“Our company has worked with Platypus for more than 15 years. Platypus Technologies has an excellent team of experts in metal coatings and surface science.  They helped us develop and manufacture a new sensor chip for surface plasmon resonance, which is now a commercial success!  We sat together to plan and execute at each step of the product development, and we are very satisfied.  We highly recommend working with Platypus Technologies”


We offer a variety of metal-coated silicon substrates, glass coverslips and microscope slides for applications in electrochemistry, optics and spectroscopy.

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