Precision Fluid Dispensing Services

Platypus Technologies offers services in precision fluid dispensing for applications in conformal coatings, sensors, and bio-assays.

The company owns and operates a benchtop automated fluid dispensing robot for high precision and controlled fluid placement and dispensing. This tool is fitted with a liquid dispenser that can rapidly release accurate amounts of any liquid via a variety of dispensing modes (e.g. diaphragm, needle, spray, etc.).

The robot can be programmed to rapidly release fluid in a well-controlled manner, allowing for fast production and excellent batch-to-batch consistency. 

Our fluid dispensing systems allow specific parameters for fluid dispensing to be set. These parameters include dispensing mode (e.g. needle, spray), area of dispensing (spot size), pressure at dispensing and dispensing time (which determines dispensing volume).

Fluid Dispensing Services

Applications requiring fluid dispensing solutions include cell culture assays, electronics, liquid crystal films, medical devices, and sensors. Those that require two-part fluids can also be obtained through our automated robot system.

We have previously worked on fluid dispensing projects that have involved dispensing bio-gels on cell culture plates, uniform liquid crystal films, hydrogel and protein coatings on 96-well and 384-well microtiter plates. These applications have benefited from precise fluid controls and fast processing times.

Platypus Technologies can assist you with your precision fluid dispensing needs regardless of your product niche or application. Contact us today for expert advice or further information.


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