Gold Coatings for Spectroscopy

We create gold coatings and surfaces for Surface Plasmon Resonance, IR/Raman Spectroscopy and other applications in optics.

With 19 years of experience in metal coatings, photolithography and surface modification, you can trust us to deliver exceptional service and the highest quality products.

Whether you’re looking for new biosensor chips, or you need a reliable OEM partner, contact us!

Examples of gold-coated substrates fabricated by Platypus Technologies


“Our company has worked with Platypus for more than 15 years. Platypus Technologies has an excellent team of experts in gold coatings and surface science for Spectroscopy.  They helped us develop and manufacture a new sensor chip for surface plasmon resonance (SPR), which is now a commercial success!”

-Steve Weibel , CEO, GWC Technologies Inc

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Don’t see what you need?  We can coat most metals (Ag, Ni, Ti, etc.) on to silicon or glass.  Also, we can cut silicon and glass to any size (>5 mm)Contact us for custom products.