Template-stripped gold | Au(111) | Ultra-flat gold chips


Template: Prime Grade Silicon Wafer (polished)

Substrate: Glass – 1 cm x 1 cm (20 chips per wafer)

Metal Surface: Gold – Au(111)

Gold Thickness: 100-nm

Gold Purity: 99.999%

Procedure for peeling gold from template

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Ultra-flat surfaces of gold – Au(111) – for nanotechnology.   Ideal for applications in molecular microscopy and spectroscopy, and fabrication of molecular sensors. These gold surfaces feature near atomically flat, pristine surfaces of Au(111) that are free of contaminants and do not require cleaning.

Ultra-flat gold surfaces have been extensively used for material characterization via atomic force microscopy (AFM), scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), nano-infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), and electrochemical techniques. In addition, the smooth gold surfaces have application as substrates for high-performance sensors, biosensors, and nano-optics.

The ultra-flat gold surfaces are fabricated by coating the flattest prime-grade silicon wafers. Then, 1-cm x 1-cm square glass chips are glued to the surface of the gold.  The gold surface you use is the one in contact with the silicon template, so it is ultra-flat and protected from the atmosphere.  To reveal the ultra-flat gold surface, peel the glass chip from the silicon wafer.

  • Ultra-smooth – RMS roughness approaches atomic flatness.  This ultra-smooth gold surface enables the highest possible signal-to-noise ratio for molecular analysis.
  • Clean and fresh gold – Gold is protected from the atmosphere until stripped from the template, providing a pristine surface, free from organics and other atmospheric contaminants.
  • Ready to use – Chips do not require cleaning, eliminating the need for hazardous cleaning solutions or expensive cleaning equipment.
  • Convenient – Multiple chips per template make it easy to prepare fresh, clean, and ultra-flat gold chips ready for your next measurement.
Selected publications:
  • Novel sensors for water contaminants (link)
  • Electrochemical characterization of self-assembled monolayers (link).
  • Single-molecule contact printing (link).
  • Infrared nanospectroscopy of COVID-19 proteins(link).
  • Fabrication of periodic metasurfaces (link).
  • Dynamic force spectroscopy of proteins (link).

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