Template Stripped Chip Removal

Ultra-flat gold films by Platypus Technologies are created via electron-beam metal deposition under ultra-high vacuum conditions. Our gold films have a uniform orientation (Au(111)), high purity, and low surface roughness.  

One way to create an ultra-flat uncontaminated surface involves what is known as template stripping. Platypus technologies offers gold-coated Silicon wafers and Mica with epoxy-glued glass chips. One face of a glass chip is epoxied onto the gold-coated substrate. The epoxy serves as an adhesion layer between the gold film and glass chip. Chips can then be removed with a small force via mechanical stripping. See this process in action below: 

To easily remove a chip, users should trace each corner of the chip with a pair of tweezers. Then simply apply a moderate force to one corner of the chip to reveal a gold uncontaminated surface. Removed chips are ready to use! 

Learn more about Ultra-flat gold surfaces: https://www.platypustech.com/gold-thin-films/ultra-flat-gold-films  

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