Platypus Technologies Expands Service Offering in Metal Coatings

Madison, WI (February 1, 2019) – Platypus Technologies, a leading supplier of metal surfaces for nanotechnology, announces new service offerings in metal deposition, surface patterning and characterization.

Platypus Technologies is a leading supplier of gold-coated substrates for electrochemistry, atomic microscopy, spectroscopy and optical applications.  For example, the company offers Ultra-Flat Gold Films, which provide an atomically-flat and pristine gold (111) surface.  These ultra-flat gold surfaces enable high-resolution imaging of single molecules, bio-molecules, and self-assembled monolayers

Gold Puzzle

Leveraging its ample expertise in surface science, Platypus Technologies announces expansion of services to provide customized solutions in surface science for industrial and academic researchers. New service offering includes: (1) physical vapor deposition of metals (e.g. silver, platinum, nickel, etc.); (2) surface patterning and functionalization; and (3) surface characterization.

Examples successful work by Platypus Technologies include the development and commercialization of (i) new biosensor chips for applications in surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy, (ii)chemical sensors using chemically-active metal surfaces, and (iii) patterned metal surfaces for electrochemistry.

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