Platypus Technologies expands product line on patterned electrodes 

Madison, WI (24-Nov-2021).  Platypus Technologies LLC, a leading supplier of metal coatings, announces new products on patterned electrodes. 

As the need for chemical and biological measurements continues to expand, thin film electrodes are becoming more important to scientists and engineers. Patterned electrodes serve as electrical contacts that provide current or voltage to measure the electrical properties of materials, including conductivity, resistivity or capacitance. The specific design of the electrode pattern dictates regions where a current can flow and where it should be prevented. Known for our high-quality metal coatings, Platypus Technologies now serves as a valued supplier for patterned electrodes. 

We have combined our existing skillsets in metal coatings and photolithography to provide new patterned electrode designs. Our new designs provide research scientists with endless testing possibilities. Patterned electrodes provide a platform for a range of sensing applications. The electrodes are fabricated with a uniform gold coating that maintains a high charge mobility and high sensitivity. These gold electrode surfaces can be used in applications such as chemical sensing, sensor development, biological testing, and liquid analysis.  

Our newly developed designs include interdigitated electrode (IDE) arrays, electrode arrays for field effect transistors (FETs), 4-probe and 6-probe electrode arrays, and single disk electrodes.  These electrode devices are fabricated on transparent, optical-grade glass, which enables the user to visualize and manipulate the sample placed atop the electrodes.  The electrode patterns are fabricated with high purity (99.999%) gold over a titanium adhesion layer.  These metal films are coated via e-beam evaporation to minimize surface roughness, and patterned via photolithography.  These patterned electrodes can be purchased through our website at:

In addition, Platypus Technologies has capabilities to create custom patterned electrodes for the most demanding customer applications.  Our services include (1) metal coatings (Au, Ag, Al, Ti, Pt, W) on glass, silicon, ceramic, and flexible substrates, (2) photolithography, lift-off and wet-etching, (3) precision fluid dispensing, and (4) device singulation. 

Platypus Technologies is proud to support scientific innovation by offering tools and solutions in Surface Science.  Our mission is to serve Scientists by offering outstanding solutions that enable them to conduct research with ease and confidence. Our multi-disciplinary team of scientists and engineers has decades of experience in thin film coatings, photolithography, electrochemistry and chemical sensors.