E-beam Metal Deposition

Platypus Technologies offers electron beam metal deposition services and expertise equip with handling custom projects. Our operations prioritize metal purity and smoothness. In order to create high quality metal coatings, each step involved in the process is carefully executed.  

Materials to be coated are first cleaned to remove unwanted contaminants that could inhibit metal purity. Substrates are then secured into a vacuum chamber in which metal deposition occurs under a controlled environment. A focused beam of electrons is manipulated onto a metal crucible. To prevent crucible melting, a water chiller supplies an adequate amount of cooling to surrounding components.  

See the video above for a glimpse into our metal coating operations. In order to transfer a layer of metal onto a substrate, a metal crucible is melted with an electron beam to distribute metal across a surface. To ensure that metal is being evenly distributed onto a substrate, beam location and sweep are vastly important. First the beam must be centered onto the metal within the crucible. Then a slight back and forth motion, or sweep, should be applied to ensure that metal is evenly distributed.  

For more information on our custom metal coatings visit: https://www.platypustech.com/custom-coatings or contact us directly at with project requests.  

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