Silicon Wafers with 100 nm Gold (12 wafers)


Substrate: Prime Grade Silicon Wafer (100-mm dia., 525-µm thick)

Metal Layer: Gold, 100-nm

Gold Purity: 99.999%

Adhesion Layer: Titanium, 5-nm

Quantity: Twelve (12) gold-coated silicon wafers

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Silicon wafers coated with high purity gold (99.999%) exhibit high electrical conductivity and high optical reflectivity. Our gold coated wafers feature a thin titanium adhesion layer to ensure strong adhesion of the gold layer to the silicon substrate.

This product can be used as a substrate for analytical characterization of thin films, nanoparticles, proteins and self-assembled monolayers via electrochemistry, IR spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, X-ray spectroscopy, or ellipsometry. Gold-coated wafers are also ideal substrates for fabrication of complex electrochemical devices.

Gold-coated silicon wafers, and gold-coated silicon chips, are used extensively as substrates for analytical characterization of materials.  For example, materials deposited onto gold-coated wafers can be analyzed via ellipsometry, Raman spectroscopy or infrared (IR) spectroscopy due to the high-reflectivity and favorable optical properties of gold.  In addition, gold-coated silicon wafers are excellent substrates for fabricating electrodes, electrochemical sensors, self-assembled monolayers, photonic devices, and other advanced technologies.

selected publications
  • Fabrication of photoelectric devices (link).
  • Characterization of de-salination membranes (link).
  • XPS measurements of molecular sieves (link).
  • Molecular force spectroscopy of SAMs (link).
  • Fabrication of chemically patterned surfaces (link).

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Platypus Technologies has capabilities to deposit gold via e-beam evaporation onto a variety of substrates including glass, thermal oxide wafers, ITO, flexible substrates and many others.  Contact us to request a quotation for a custom gold-coated product to fit your needs.