Platypus Technologies, LLC Announces Launch of the New Platypus H2S DosimeterTM

MADISON, Wis., August 1, 2017 — In an effort to deliver even more use and value to customers in industrial hygiene, environmental monitoring, defense, and first responders, Platypus Technologies, LLC recently released the new Platypus H2S DosimeterTM, a device that can be used to measure a worker’s short term exposure limit (STEL) to H2S (hydrogen sulfide) or the time weighted average (TWA) between 2 to 12 hours of a worker’s shift. The Platypus H2S DosimeterTM produces OSHA compliant results without requiring outside lab analysis using a liquid-crystal based passive diffusion direct read dosimeter with accurate and reliable data logging capabilities.

“Since the liquid crystals report a direct chemical reaction with H2S, we eliminate the lab measurement error and thereby offer a superior option to sorbent tubes and diffusion badges,” commented Founder and CEO of Platypus Technologies Nicholas Abbot. “It’s clear this can save time and other important resources.”

Platypus released its first liquid crystal based product, ClearSenseTM, in 2013 and since then has worked to improve the product’s reactivity speed, data logging capacity and price. When asked about the new dosimeter design, the lead development scientist at Platypus, Dr. Marco Bedolla stated, “The new Platypus H2S Dosimeter is a natural progression of our original liquid crystal based sensor. The new device has an integrated reader, a faster response time and a 30% lower price.”

According to the US-based private firm, the primary markets for the new dosimeters will include oil and gas, mining, landfills, metal, and chemical processing operations as well as any industrial plant that must comply with OSHA standards for worker exposure to toxic gases.

Early feedback for the new Platypus H2S DosimeterTM has been very positive across the board. A recent customer, and Independent IH Consultant, remarked about the device, “The Platypus H2S DosimeterTM is amazing. I get my results right away so I don’t have to wait 2 weeks for payment after I conduct an assessment.”

Platypus Technologies was founded nearly 20 years ago in Madison, WI and currently has 45 issued and 23 pending patents. A how-to video guide for those who purchase the product is available at the company website.
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