Platypus Technologies Launches the New Oris™ Pro 96-Well Invasion Assay

Madison, WI – Platypus Technologies, LLC. announces the launch of the Oris™ Pro 96-Well Invasion Assay for quantitative real-time and end-point measurements of cell invasion. The assay facilitates 3-D cell invasion analysis with measurement of cellular invasion in the Z-plane. The assay is designed to be compatible with fluorescence microscopes, automation, and high-content screening.

Three-dimensional cell-based assays are considered more physiologically relevant than the more traditional assays based on cells growing in two dimensions on plastic surfaces. The Oris™ Pro Invasion Assay can, for example, be used to study metastasis, where tumor cells invade through the 3-dimensional extracellular matrix. Such assays are vital for discovering new targets for anti-metastatic strategies.

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