Platypus Technologies Launches New Oris™ Cell Migration Assay – TriCoated kit

Madison, WI – Platypus Technologies, LLC. announces the addition of the Oris™ Cell Migration Assay – TriCoated kit, 96-well plate format to its product line of cell-based assasys. This new product allows the researcher to save time and cost by comparing three surfaces for optimal cell migration on the same plate. The three surfaces are 1) Tissue Culture treated, 2) Collagen I coated, and 3) Fibronectin coated. Studies have found that cell lines migrate differently depending on the surface or extracellular matrix coating and it is important to select the right system for each application.

Cell migration is critical to a variety of in vivo processes including tumor cell metastasis, wound healing, and tissue regeneration. The new TriCoated Asay complements the Oris™ line of cell migration assay products that utilize patent pending, cell seeding stoppers to create a 2 mm detection zone in the center of each well. The Oris™ Cell Migration assays are unique in that they enable the researcher to compare and visualize cell migration in real-time by using live cell stains either with a microscope, digital imaging system, or microplate reader. To learn more about all of the Oris™ Cell Migration products, including the new TriCoated Assay, visit

About Platypus Technologies, LLC:

Platypus Technologies, LLC develops innovative products for the analytical and life sciences based upon the application of nanotechnology. Utilizing recent advances in nanoscale and material sciences, the company provides advanced tools for use in proteomics, cell-based studies, and environmental monitoring. The company is developing a range of products that derive from a proprietary platform technology utilizing liquid crystals for the rapid detection of molecular interactions.

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