Cell Migration Assay Applications: Pharma Industry

Dynamic cellular migration is of interest to biochemists in various areas of research and development (R&D). This process refers to the movement of individual cells or cellular clusters from one location to another, typically in response to some chemical or mechanical signal. Pharmaceutical companies have been particularly invested in studying cell migration and invasion as these processes underlie an extremely wide range of pathological phenomena – thus offering significant promise for generating valuable pharmacological interventions.

Using Cell Migration Assays in Drug Discovery

Reliable cell migration assays are critical to this line of pharmaceutical R&D. This has proven problematic in the past due to the technological limitations of available assays and imaging equipment. Poor reliability, low throughput, and a lack of physiological relevance rendered cell migration assays more of a biochemical novelty than a ground-breaking tool for pharmaceutical development.

The onset of high-throughput cell migration assays coupled with high content imagers has begun to change this dynamic. Pharmaceutical developers are now able to gain valuable insights from studies based on cell migration assays, supporting drug discovery by offering physiologically-relevant data into the impact of compounds of interest on cellular functions. They have also proven useful in screening for harmful effects earlier than ever within the testing paradigm.

There is an increasingly diverse range of cell migration assay types available to drug developers and manufacturers, but one of the most innovative techniques is known as cell exclusion zone technology.

Why Cell Exclusion Zone Assays Suit the Pharma Industry

Cell exclusion zone assays are based on standard 96-well plates with silicone-based inserts which are used to partition seeded cells from a central area. This process is not only reliable and rapid, but compatible with a wide range of data capture systems – including high content imagers. Continuous visual assessment of cells throughout the entire experiment run is subsequently possible, enabling users to obtain multiplexed data that is far superior to alternative methods.

Cell migration assays based on exclusion zone technology are vital to studies of cancer therapeutics, wound healing, compound screening, and myriad other essential areas of pharmaceutical R&D.

Cell Migration Assays from Platypus Tech

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