Building a Better Biosensor Polymer with Organic Semiconducting Materials

Cutting-Edge Engineering Developments in the Biosensor Polymer Manufacturing Industry

Recently, a novel organic semiconducting material was engineered which has the potential to push next-generation biosensor development to new heights. This innovative new carbon-based semiconductor polymer was specifically developed to surpass current biosensor options in sensing performance, reliability, as well as overall biocompatibility.

Developed by a Team of International Bioengineers

The new biosensor polymer was carefully developed by an international biochemical research team fronted by King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). The university brought together leading bioengineering groups from around the globe to overcome critical challenges in surpassing the high level of performance offered by current biosensor technology while also ensuring a safe, biocompatible solution.

The majority of the teams’ research focused on the processes in which novel types of biosensors interact directly with the body’s natural enzymes in order to detect key biochemicals. These myriad sensing operations then serve as indicators for specific health conditions, genetic traits and diseases.

The challenge, of course, lies in building better biosensor polymers that deliver higher and higher levels of sensitivity while remaining as universally biocompatible as possible.

Engineering a More Sensitive Biosensor Polymer Solution

In this case, innovation was found in the way that unique biosensing polymers (polythiophenes) interact with natural biochemical groups (glycols), with the molecules attaching in precisely controlled positions.

Engineering novel methods to control the locations of the glycol groups was a key aspect of the breakthrough – as has been the case for many of biosensor innovations developed here at Platypus Technologies.

Interdigitated Electrode Fabrication

Ongoing advancements in the fabrication of interdigitated electrodes (IDEs) has further paved the way to more capable biosensor technology. Platypus Technologies remains dedicated to the engineering and manufacturing of quality interdigitated electrode product solutions including custom patterned electrodes designed specifically for your application.

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