SPR-1000-016: SpotReady 16 (5 chips)


Biosensor Chip for Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR). SF-10 glass (index = 1.72). Gold spots arranged in a grid pattern. Each spot is surrounded by a hydrophobic background layer, which allows for easy spotting of probes onto individual gold spots.   Gold surface can be functionalized for a variety of applications; ideal for SPR imaging.

Chip Dimensions: 18-mm x 18-mm x 1-mm. 5 chips per pack.

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SpotReady chip has gold spots arranged in a grid pattern, and each spot is surrounded by a hydrophobic background layer to allow easy hand-spotting of probes onto the individual spots.  The hydrophobic surround prevents aqueous probe solution from flowing over the edge of the gold spot.

The SpotReady sensor chip was designed for the SPRimager®II and Horizon imaging systems from GWC Technologies, but it can be used with a variety of instruments for SPR, ellipsometry, PM-IRRAS, QCM or XPS.

SpotReady is fabricated for GWC Technologies, Inc.  See press release and additional reference on SPR Imaging.