Microscope Glass Slides with 50 nm Gold


Glass slides-aluminosilicate / 50 nm of gold over a 2.5 nm Titanium adhesion layer, 1 inch x 3 inches x 0.7 mm, 5 slides per pack.

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Gold-coated glass slides are ideal for applications in optical characterization of materials via Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) and Fluorescence Microscopy and Spectroscopy.  Gold thin films with a thickness of 50-nanometers (50-nm) exhibit maximum optical transmission at a wavelength of light of 500 nanometers.

Representative Optical Transmission Spectrum (350nm to 800nm) of Gold-coated Slides (AU.0500.ALSI):

Optical transmission spectrum of gold thin films, 50 nanometers, 50-nm gold
Optical transmission spectrum of glass microscope slides coated with 50-nm gold over a titanium adhesion layer.