Oris™ Assembly Kits for Cell Migration Assays

Oris™ Assembly Kits work the same as Oris™ Cell Migration Assays

Whereas most Oris™ Cell Migration Assay products have the stoppers in place already, stoppers are packaged separately in the kits for maximum flexibility:

  • The Oris™ Universal Cell Migration Assembly Kit – FLEX is provided with four empty plates and four packs of 24 stoppers.
    • Use the FLEX kit if you want to analyze fewer than 96 samples per experiment but still want to take advantage of the cost savings and accelerated assay time that small wells offer.
  • The Oris™ Universal Cell Migration Assembly Kits are provided with one empty plate per pack of 96 stoppers. Available as a 1-pack or 5-pack.
    • Use the Universal kit when you want to apply your own coating to the plate (Stock Oris™ Migration Assay products are available with tissue culture treated, collagen I coated, or fibronectin coated plates).

Assembly kits deliver all of the benefits of Oris™ migration assays, including:

  • Industry-standard 96-well format
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Quantification with plate readers, microscopes or high-content imagers
  • No artificial membranes
  • Consistent cell-free zone size and location for best statistics

Check out this video to see how to insert the stoppers into the plates:

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