Cell Migration Assay | Collagen Coated | 96-well | Oris


2-D Assay for Investigating Cell Migration of Adherent Cell Lines on Type I Collagen


  • Plate: 96-well plate with inserted Oris stoppers
    • Color: black; bottom: clear polystyrene
  • Quantity: 1 plate, 96-wells per plate
  • Surface treatment: Type I Collagen
  • Packaging: Vaccum packed inside metal-lined pouch with humidity absorber
  • Ancillary: Oris detection mask; Oris stopper removal tool

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The Oris Cell Migration Assay Kits offer a robust 96-well plate system featuring unique “stopper” barriers. These barriers create a specialized Detection Zone, ensuring precise and accurate cell migration studies. By removing the stoppers, cells are free to migrate into this Detection Zone, allowing for real-time observation and data collection.

Oris Cell Migration Assay Kits deliver unparalleled reproducibility, accuracy, and precision, making them the go-to choice for researchers seeking publication-ready, high-quality data.

Using the Oris Cell Migration Assay offers the following features and benefits:

  • Membrane-free Migration – perform studies without manipulating transmembrane inserts.
  • Reproducible Results – obtain well-to-well CV’s < 12% due to the unique design.
  • Preserves Cell Morphology – monitor changes in cell structure in real-time.
  • Versatile – analyze data using multiple probes in a single well by using a microscope, digital imager, or fluorescence microplate reader.
  • Flexible – perform kinetic or endpoint cell migration assays without the use of special instrumentation.