Silicon Chips

Square silicon chips are ideal substrates for Microscopy and Spectroscopy applications.   The chips are 10-mm square and 525-µm thick.  See bottom of page for additional properties.


Silicon Chips Coated with Metals or Silica

Chips coated with gold (Au), platinum (Pt) or aluminum (Al).  The metals are 99.999% pure.  Physical vapor deposition (e-beam evaporation) enables high quality metal films.

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SKUProduct DescriptionPackage Size
AU.1000.SLC_10MMSilicon Chips coated with 100-nm Gold20 ChipsORDER NOW
PT.1000.SLC_10MMSilicon Chips coated with 100-nm Platinum20 ChipsORDER NOW
AL.1000.SLC_10MMSilicon Chips coated with 100-nm Aluminum20 ChipsORDER NOW

Don’t see what you need?  We can coat most metals (Ag, Ni, Ti, etc.) on to silicon.  Also, we can cut wafers and chips to any size (>5 mm). Contact us for custom products.

Examples of Studies that Used Gold-Coated Silicon:

  • D. Shaffer et al. “Electrochemical Impedance of polyamide films” J. Mem. Sci. 2019. LINK
  • X. Liu et al. “Two Photon Photochroism in Metasurface Absorbers” Nano Lett. 2018. LINK
  • L. Slaughter et al. “Patterning monolayers via lithography” Beilstein J. Nano. 2017. LINK
  • T. Galloway et al. “Nanoparticles for enhanced Raman spectroscopy” Faraday Diss. 2017. LINK

*The properties of the silicon chips are detailed below:

  • Type: P
  • Dopant: Boron
  • Polishing: Single-side
  • Grade: Prime
  • Dimensions: 10 mm x 10 mm
  • Thickness: 525 +/- 25 μm
  • Resistivity: 1-20 ohm-cm
  • Orientation: <100>
  • Roughness: 2-3 angstrom

The chips are cut from larger wafers.


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