Silicon Chips

Square chips of silicon are ideal substrates for Microscopy and Spectroscopy applications.   The chips are 10-mm square and 525-µm thick.  See bottom of page for additional properties.


Silicon Chips

Square chips of silicon are convenient and ready to use.  Polished silicon exhibits  low roughness.  Atomically flat surface enables high resolution imaging for AFM and SEM applications.  

Ordering in Bulk? 

Product NumberDescriptionPackage SizePrice

Ultra-Flat Silicon Chips - 10 mm x 10 mm20 chips$140


Silicon Chips Coated with Metals or Silica

Chips coated with gold (Au), platinum (Pt), or silica (SiO2).  The metals are 99.999% pure.  Physical vapor deposition (e-beam evaporation) enables high quality metal films.  Silica film deposited via wet oxide process.

Ordering in Bulk? 

Product NumberPricePackage SizePrice

Silicon Chips coated with Gold
(100-nm Au over Ti adhesion layer)
20 Chips$440

Silicon Chips coated with Platinum
(100-nm Pt over Ti adhesion layer)
20 Chips$450

Silicon Chips coated with Thermal Oxide
(285-nm SiO2)
20 Chips$160

Chips coated with Gold for Template Stripping
(100-nm Au without adhesion layer; heat annealed)
20 Chips$559


Don’t see what you need?  We can coat most metals (Ag, Ni, Ti, etc.) on to silicon.  Also, we can cut wafers and chips to any size (>5 mm).


Examples of Studies that Used Gold-Coated Silicon:

  • D. Shaffer et al. “Electrochemical Impedance of polyamide films” J. Mem. Sci. 2019. LINK
  • X. Liu et al. “Two Photon Photochroism in Metasurface Absorbers” Nano Lett. 2018. LINK
  • L. Slaughter et al. “Patterning monolayers via lithography” Beilstein J. Nano. 2017. LINK
  • T. Galloway et al. “Nanoparticles for enhanced Raman spectroscopy” Faraday Diss. 2017. LINK


*The properties of the silicon chips are detailed below:

  • Type: P
  • Dopant: Boron
  • Polishing: Single-side 
  • Grade: Prime 
  • Dimensions: 10 mm x 10 mm 
  • Thickness: 525 +/- 25 μm
  • Resistivity: 1-20 ohm-cm
  • Orientation: <100>
  • Roughness: 2-3 angstrom

The chips are cut from larger wafers.

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