Cell Migration Assays

Cell Migration Assays by Platypus Technologies use  exclusion-zone technology  to ensure you obtain high-quality results that are ready for publication.  For researchers in academia and pharmaceutical companies, the Cell Migration Assays by Platypus Technologies are powerful tools to advance studies in drug discovery, wound healing, or cancer research.


  • Industry-standard 96- or 384-well formats
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Quantification with plate readers, microscopes or high-content imagers
  • No artificial membranes
  • Use Oris™ for maximal assay flexibility
  • Use Oris™ Pro for full automation with high Z factors
stoppers of oris cell migration assay
Oris™ stoppers create cell-free detection zone

Oris™ Migration Assays use a physical “stopper” barrier to create a cell-free detection zone in the center of each well of a 96-well plate. The stopper assay is ideal for researches who require greater manual control. For instance, if your cell type requires a lengthy adhesion period.

  • Use Oris™ for maximal flexibility in assay design.
  • Use Oris™ if your cells require a long adhesion period.
  • Use Oris™ with the Oris™ Detection Mask for analysis on plate readers that lack virtual masking.
Bio-Compatible Gel at the center of each well.

Oris™ Pro Migration Assays use a soluble gel to create the central cell-free detection zone in the center of each well of a 96- or 384-cell plate. This automation friendly format will speed up your experiment by allowing for easy use with liquid handlers and high content imagers.  The assay starts after the gel dissolves – no washes are needed as the gel is non-toxic to cells.

  • Use Oris™ Pro for simplest assay setup and full automation.
  • Use Oris™ Pro for high throughput screening (HTS).
  • Use Oris™ Pro for lowest cost per data point.
  • Use Oris™ Pro for highest quality optics.

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