Silicon Wafers and MICA

Silicon Wafers and MICA - Silicon WafersSilicon Wafers

Our stock wafers are 100 mm test-grade discs ~525µm thick, with 100 nm gold films:

Product NumberDescriptionGold ThicknessTitanium ThicknessPack SizePrice
AU.1000.SL0Silicon Wafer 100 nm 5.0 nm1$300
AU.1000.SL1Silicon Wafer 100 nm 5.0 nm3$680
AU.1000.SL2Silicon Wafer 100 nm 5.0 nm12$2,065
Coming soon!Silicon Chips
1 cm x 1 cm
100 nm 5.0 nm20Request Quote

Silicon Wafers and MICA - MICA MICA

Our mica substrates are highest quality grade VI, split to ~0.1-0.2 mm immediately before coating with 200 nm gold:

Product NumberDescriptionGold ThicknessPack SizePrice
AU.2000.MC1Mica, 1” x 1.5”200 nm1$405
AU.2000.MC2Mica, 1” x 3”200 nm1$785

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