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Stephen Weibel

Our company has worked with Platypus for more than 15 years. Platypus Technologies has an excellent team of experts in metal coatings and surface science.  They helped us develop and manufacture a new sensor chip for surface plasmon resonance, which is now a commercial success!  We sat together to plan and execute at each step of the product development, and we are very satisfied.  We highly recommend working with Platypus Technologies

Andrey Krayev

We had problems before with gold slides from a different manufacturer, different slides from the same batch had dramatic differences in the quality of the gold film, that’s why we switched to your product.

Patrick Owens

As part of the [Platypus DosimeterTM] field evaluation, I used a prototype [Platypus DosimeterTM] H₂S direct-read dosimeter to measure dozens of full-shift worker exposures. I was impressed with the accuracy, ease of use, and worker appreciation. With no pump flowrate or gas calibration, the [Platypus DosimeterTM] can be used quite easily by almost anyone.

Mercury Oh

Thank you for your quick answer. I was really surprised [by] your fast reply and I also got a good reference due to your recommendation.