Spot Sensors

Platypus Spot Sensors™ are small, economical and easy to use sensors for rapid identification of toxic chemicals.


  • High selectivity, with minimal interference from non-target compounds
  • Each sensor uses unique nanomaterials for different toxic gas detection
  • Fast response time
  • Easy to read dark-to-clear transition



Product NumberData SheetSpot SensorPackage Size
SP.H2S.A-10H2S-datasheetHydrogen Sulfide (H₂S)10
SP.NH3.A-10NH3-datasheetAmmonia (NH3)10
SP.NO2.A-10NO2-datasheetNitrogen Dioxide (NO2)10
SP.DMP.A-10phosphonates-dataPesticides (phosphonates)10
SP.CO.A-10CO-datasheetCarbon Monoxide (CO)10