Designer and Manufacturer of Products for Accurate Chemical and Biotech Measurements, Platypus Technologies, now Partnering with Amazon

MADISON, Wis., August 15, 2017 — There’s no secret that a great many people shopping for the most diverse of products prefer to do it on the Amazon marketplace, which offers world recognized security, trustworthiness, and reliability. In an effort to make it easier for research customers to access its products, Platypus Technologies, LLC, is now offering its catalog through

The partnership has made Platypus’ full suite of products, including OrisTM and OrisTM Pro Cell Assays, Gold Thin Film Substrates, and Liquid Crystal Based Chemical Sensors, available on Amazon.

“Since Platypus manufactures a diverse array of products, we want to make it easy for new customers that are not currently in our channels to get their hands on our products. So, selling on Amazon makes sense,” commented Nicholas Abbot, Founder and CEO of Platypus Technologies.

Early reviews from customers have been very favorable about the new channel for ordering Platypus Technologies’ products through Amazon.

R.H., from Ohio, recently remarked, “A growing number of scientists are beginning to purchase products for their research on Amazon because of how convenient the platform is. We couldn’t be happier with the news.”

Those interested can access the listing of Platypus products on Amazon at the following link.


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