New Products for Microscopy & Spectroscopy

Platypus Technologies announces new products: Glass chips and Silicon chips for applications in Microscopy and Spectroscopy.

The products include ultra flat silicon chips, and silicon chips coated with Gold, Platinum or Silica. In addition, single-packed silicon wafers are available too. Glass chips include aluminosilicate, SF-10, N-BK7 and UV-grade fused silica.

Ultra Flat Silicon Chips

The chips can be used for studies in nanotechnology imaging via Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) or Fluoresence Microscopy. The chips can be use as substrates to support samples for nanospectroscopy (AFM-IR)


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Don’t see what you need?  We can coat most metals (Ag, Ni, Ti, etc.) on to silicon or glass.  Also, we can cut silicon and glass to any size (>5 mm)Contact us for custom products.