Liquid Crystal Sensor Posters

Liquid Crystal Sensor Posters - MonitoringLiquid Crystal-Based Sensors for Environmental Monitoring of Toxic Gases
Describes fast-response sensors and dosimeters, and discusses how liquid crystal sensors may be applied to environmental monitoring applications. Presented at NEMC 2015


Liquid Crystal Sensor Posters - Low PowerLow Power Liquid Crystal Sensors for Rapid, Sensitive Detection of Toxic Gases
Details how liquid crystal sensors work and shows how sensitivity of rapid-response sensors and dosimeters can be tuned via surface chemistry. Presented at Pittcon 2015


Liquid Crystal Sensor Posters - DosimetryLiquid Crystal Sensors for Dosimetry and Rapid Sensing of Toxic Gases
Validates the ClearSense™ H2S dosimeter for personal monitoring of hydrogen sulfide in the workplace. Presented at EPA Air Sensors 2014 Workshop[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]