Glass Scribing Service

Precision Cutting, Fast Turnaround Time

  • Accurate right angles, shapes and curves
  • Optional glass cleaning service
  • Suitable for diverse optical and sensor applications
  • Available for diverse glass types and silicon
    • Order from our stocks of 0.7 mm aluminosilicate glass or 0.525 mm silicon wafers
    • Or send us your own glass or silicon materials for cutting to your requirements

Glass Scribing Specifications

Max sheet size24 x 24600 x 600
Rectilinear accuracy± 0.002± 0.0508
Shape accuracy± 0.003± 0.0762
Minimum curve radius0.12.5

To receive your personal quotation for glass or silicon scribing, please contact us at 866.296.4455 (+1 608.237.1270 outside North America) or

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