Why are there cells in my exclusion zone at the beginning of the assay?

The assay plate may have been jolted after removal of Oris™ Stoppers or dissolution of the Oris™ Pro gel. Be careful when transferring the plates from work surface to incubator.

The cell line may be poorly adhered to the plate surface. Possible solutions are:

  • If you used a TC-treated plate, try a collagen I- or fibronectin-coated plate for better adhesion.
  • If using Oris™ assays, allow a longer time for cells to adhere before adding culture medium.
  • If using Oris™ Pro assays, try reducing the volume in which cells are seeded so they reach the plate surface more quickly.
  • If cell density is high, try seeding fewer cells so that all cells have the opportunity to adhere.
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