Why are Oris™ and Oris™ Pro assays better than Boyden chamber / transwell assays?

Oris™ and Oris™ Pro assays provide a more physiologically relevant environment than Boyden / transwell assays because there is no artificial membrane through which cells must pass. Moreover, cell movements can be monitored in real time in Oris™ and Oris™ Pro assays, as there is no membrane to interfere with microscopic observation. This not only provides more information, but also accelerates methods development because your end point is evident from simply observing the assay.

The Oris™ 3D Embedded Invasion Assay is further superior to Boyden / transwell assays for cell invasion because the cells are embedded in 3D throughout the assay, whereas cells are seeded on a 2D surface in Boyden / transwells assays, which changes cell physiology significantly (e.g. references 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8).

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