How long should I allow the cells to migrate or invade?

For the best statistics, choose an assay time that results in untreated cells closing at least 2/3 of the original open area of the detection zone, but less than 100% closure. An advantage of the Oris™ and Oris™ Pro Cell Migration and Invasion Assays is that you can inspect the experiment at any time during the incubation period to ascertain how far the cells have moved. The first time you run an Oris™ assay, simply observe the cells periodically under a microscope to assess the extent of migration/invasion, and stop the experiment when the appropriate degree of movement is observed.

Since rates of cell movement differ widely between different cell types, optimal incubation times will vary with varying cell types. Migration times can vary from 16 – 72 hours, while invasion times can vary from 1 – 6 days. For extended experiments, we recommend that you change culture medium above with fresh inhibitors every 48-72 hr.

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