How do I quantify Oris™ or Oris™ Pro Assays?

Oris™ and Oris™ Pro assays are designed to work with any plate reader, microscope, or high content imager that is compatible with the industry-standard microplate format. Several application notes detail the use of Oris™ with plate readers and high content imagers. The table below summarizes your options:

Instrument Oris™ Oris™ Pro & Pro 384 Comments
Standard Plate Reader X Requires fluorescent staining and Oris™ physical mask. Plate reader should have the detector below the plate
Plate Reader with Virtual Masking Software X X Requires fluorescent staining. Check with vendor that software can mask the 2 mm central circular detection zone
Microscope, Inverted X X Automated motor-driven stage and camera recommended for efficient analysis
High Content Imager X X
Platypus Bill The Platypus bill can sense many things but alas can’t quantify Oris™ assays
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