What are the dimensions of Oris™ and Oris™ Pro plates?

Oris™ Plates
(96-well w/ Stoppers)
Oris™ Pro Plates
(96-well w/ BCG)
Oris™ Pro 384 Plates
(384-well w/ BCG)
Diameter of Well – Bottom6.3 mm6.58 mm3.3 mm
Diameter of Well – Top6.45 mm6.96 mm3.7 mm
Diameter of Cell Free Detection Zone2 mm2 mm2 mm
Well Volume400 µL392 μL131 µL
Suggested culture medium per Well100 µL100 µL20 µL
Area of Outer Annular Region (cell seeding region)28.03 mm230.86 mm26.86 mm2
Area of Central Detection Zone3.14 mm23.14 mm23.14 mm2
Plate Height14.85 mm14.4 mm14.4 mm
Plate Height with Lid17.9 mm17 mm16.5 mm
Offset of Wells (A-1 location, X)14.32 mm14.38 mm12.13 mm
Offset of Wells (A-1 location, Y)11.25 mm11.24 mm8.99 mm
Distance between Wells9.0 mm9.0 mm4.5 mm
Well Depth12.1 mm10.9 mm11.5 mm
Thickness of Well Bottom0.25 mm190 μm ±10%190 μm ±10%
Storage4°C15 – 30°C15 – 30°C
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