Platypus DosimetersTM

Platypus DosimetersTM are wearable, lightweight, and power-free tools for personal exposure monitoring.

Don’t wait for lab results, or pay extra for pumps and or clumsy tubing.  With the Platypus Dosimeter™, you simply clip it on your lapel, go about your day, and read your exposure level at the end of your shift.


  • High accuracy exceeds OSHA/NIOSH standards
  • Pre-calibrated (no user calibration or bump test required)
  • Immediate, on the spot results eliminate the need for lab analysis
  • No extra fees from lab analysis, pumps, tubes, or hoses
  • Maintains accuracy over wide environmental range over -5 to 50 °C and 0 to 95% RH
ClearSense™ Dosimeter Performance
Platypus dosimeter response correlates with OSHA-1008 measurements and with real-time EC monitor data, and below 5 ppm its linearity is superior to both. The OSHA method requires a sample tube, a calibrated pump, express shipment to a certified lab, and a week's wait for results, while the Platypus dosimeter can be read immediately on site.

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