The Company:

Platypus Technologies, LLC develops, manufactures, and markets innovative products based on proprietary technologies employing advanced materials for applications in life and physical sciences. The company’s research and development is highly multidisciplinary, drawing on teamwork among experts in physics, chemistry, materials science, biology, and electrical engineering to create groundbreaking new products.

Positions Available:

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  • 1. - Oris Product Manager

    The Position

    Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, the primary responsibility of the OrisTM Product Manager is to direct the production of the migration and invasion assays for the OrisTM Cell-Based Assay Group. Additional responsibilities include leading product development efforts, assisting in grant writing, providing technical and customer support, regularly making calls to promote sales, conducting market analysis and product testing. Prior experience in cell culture, cell based assays, product management, and willingness to conduct sales call and travel are desirable. Candidates for this position should be interested in developing new techniques and should enjoy the challenges of an interdisciplinary environment.

    Principal Responsibilities

    • Manufacturing of cell assays
    • Carrying out laboratory support activities such as ordering supplies, maintaining equipment, performing calibrations, updating inventory, ensuring safety
    • Leading experiments designed to evaluate potential antimicrobial or anti-infective agents, drug resistance, and pharmacokinetics by running batch samples against library of known biologically-active compounds.
    • Fielding technical questions from customers
    • Making calls to customers
    • Understanding the market and competitor products
    • Writing grants to support product development initiatives
    • Analyzing data, interpreting results, recording data accurately, and writing thorough reports on work
    • Visually inspecting and QC testing
    • Minority of time (<10%) acting as back-up and support to production of gold thin film products and liquid crystal sensors

    Performs validation studies to replicate results and to verify results with industry or scientific literature standards. Accesses data acquisition software and enters data in multiple or off-site trials and experiments. Maintains laboratory notebooks, archives, and sample or specimen repository.

    Trains and schedules subordinate research assistants.

    Candidate Requirements

    • MS/BS in Biology or a related field
    • Basic biotech lab skills
    • Mechanical aptitude and familiarity with the use of basic laboratory equipment
    • Familiarity working in a laboratory environment with fundamental techniques of chemistry- pipetting, making solutions, etc.
  • 2. - Thin Films Product Engineer

    The Position

    Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, the Thin Film Product Engineer will be one of the company’s leading in-house resources in design, preparation, and production of various surfaces and substrates used in liquid crystal-based biological and chemical sensors currently under development. He or she will be primarily responsible for production of high quality substrates, using the company’s e-beam evaporator, for internal and external customers, and for providing necessary support for those products.

    Principal Responsibilities

    • Maintain and operate e-beam evaporator for thin film deposition.
    • Produce, characterize, and support thin film-based substrate products for internal and external customers.
    • Assess customers’ needs for thin film deposition and provide technical support.
    • Support new product development.
    • Collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of scientists in development and testing of new sensors.

    Candidate Requirements

    • B.S. degree in engineering (chemical engineering preferred) or applied science discipline.
    • Demonstrated ability to prepare thin films using e-beam evaporator equipment in a cleanroom environment.
    • At least 2 years industry experience preparing and characterizing thin films.
    • Experience in transitioning a product from R&D to manufacturing.
    • Effective working independently and in a team environment.
    • Detailed-oriented, self-motivated individual with strong interpersonal communication skills.
    • Work experience in a small technology company environment is preferable.
    • Must be willing to contribute flexibly in order to meet evolving company milestones and deadlines.


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